Advance Care Planning Day

April 16th, 2021



Advance Care Planning (ACP) is the process of thinking and talking about your wishes, values, and preferences for your future care in the event you are unable to speak for yourself. Decide who would speak for you — choose your Substitute Decision Maker.

On April 16th, Advance Care Planning Day, Canadians are encouraged to set aside time between 6-8 p.m. to talk openly with family, friends and loved ones. Tell them what would be most important to you in a health care emergency. Tell them what brings you joy. Above all, tell them about your values and wishes.

ACP 2021 Press Release:


“Advance Care Planning is a normal part of the life journey. All people in Canada have regular opportunities to express their wishes for their future care, the care they receive reflects their wishes and, if they can’t speak for themselves, their Substitute Decision Makers are ready to speak confidently on their behalf”.

To build a Pan-Canadian approach that empowers, encourages and enables:

  • People in Canada to engage in Advance Care Planning throughout their lives.
  • Health care systems, administrators, and providers to integrate Advance Care Planning into care.
  • Legal, social services, and life/financial planning professionals to make Advance Care Planning a regular part of their scope of practice.
  • Partnerships between these different stakeholders for an integrated approach to ACP.

Source: Speak Up Canada

    Advance Care Planning:

    • reinforces the importance of tailoring care to each person’s needs and wishes.
    • reduces some of the distress, anxiety and uncertainty that individuals, their loved ones, and their health care providers may experience during a serious health issue or crisis.
    • can lead to better communication and preparation when making health.

    Care Decisions

    • supports health system priorities of patient safety, quality improvement,

    and People-Centred Care

    • recognizes that people’s values and preferences can change over time and gives them the opportunity to continually revisit their planning.

    Personal Stories: Why Advance Care Planning Matters

    Source: BC Centre for Palliative Care

    “Say” – Tara Shannon

    This video by Tara Shannon showcases the importance of proactive planning.

    Advance Care Planning: it’s time to

    Think, Talk, Plan

    Five Steps of Advance Care Planning


    Start talking with people you know.  Host an online conversation with friends or coworkers using the Conversation Starter to start talking about your wishes and values.


    Share social media messages about the importance of advance care planning through March and April. Be sure to add your organization’s contact information. 


    Host an online Advance Care Planning Information SessionHaven’t hosted before? Consider partnering with another organization. 


    Ask for and share personal stories of people who have benefitted from having an advance care plan in place when a health care crisis happened.


    Hospice societies are equipped to begin the conversations about Advance Care Planning. Contact your local hospice society!

    Have any questions on Advance Care Planning?

    BC Hospice Palliative Care Societies are here to help.

    Hospice societies provide services in Advance Care Planning, grief, compassionate listening, bereavement, end of life, caregivers support, volunteers and frontline workers support and much more in the communities they serve. Please contact your community hospice for additional services and self-care supports.