Health Canada has published a progress report on its “Framework on Palliative Care in Canada” detailing the progress in palliative care since the adoption of the 2017 framework. This framework, mandated by the Government of Canada, focuses on improving palliative care accessibility nationwide. The report, based on data from the Canadian Institute for Health Information, indicates an increase in palliative care usage – from 52% in 2016-2017 to 58% in 2021-2022. It also notes a rise in the number of Canadians receiving palliative care at home.

The report further highlights the expansion of hospice facilities, with an increase in the number of residential hospice beds across the country. This expansion is part of a broader effort by provinces and territories to enhance palliative care services, as exemplified by new hospice openings in Yukon and Saskatchewan. The full report, offering a detailed overview of the state of palliative care in Canada, is available for download on the Health Canada website.

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