BC Hospice Palliative Care Association is a not-for-profit, membership organization, which has been representing individuals and organizations committed to promoting and delivering hospice/palliative care to British Columbians since 1986. Our Members provide a broad range of services to British Columbians who are dying and to their loved ones who are grieving; BCHPCA Members provide these services in all regions of the Province.

Each year, BCHPCA hosts an educational event which focuses on topics of interest to healthcare professionals, hospice society staff and volunteers and members of allied organizations who are committed to quality end of life care.

BCHPCA Strategic Plan


To ensure that people have the choice and deserve to live, love, die and say goodbye in our own way.



To SPARK action through conversations, relationships and partnerships which support dying and grieving well.



• Advocacy

• Membership Support

• Education

• Public Awareness



• respects its relationships and partnerships

• is compassionate and caring

• is progressive and focused

• is trustworthy

2020 Annual Report and 2020 Financials

2019 Annual Report and 2019 Financials

Thank you to our Partners

We are so thankful to our partners that provide us with a variety of support, funding and information that allows us to meet our goals and fulfil our missions.

Community Gaming Grants

Canada Helps & Gore Mutual Foundation

BC Centre for Palliative Care

Sovereign Order of St. John, Vancouver Chapter
 I wished there were a place for gracious dying. A high place with a distant view.

Where we could gather for a celebration of life and death and friendship, old and new.

I’d like a place where there would be good music, 

Good food and wine – and laughter, games and fun – 

And quiet talk with friends and good discussion of what will happen when this life is done.

Helen Ansley