BCHPCA Conference 2018 Program

Friday, May 25, 2017

PL Unleash your Super Power…and be an Extraordinary Leader
Doris Orr CEC, CPA, CA
PL Be Uncomfortable, Be Better: How Discomfort Presents an Opportunity for Growth
Jeremie Saunders
No presentation provided for posting.
1A Compassionate Communities: Creating Awareness, Inspiring Acts of Kindness
Kathy Kennedy, and guest speakers
1B Working Together: The Patient Voices Network
Teresa Bissenden
Rebecca Meeks
1C Legacy Giving 101
Jane Westheuser
1D Sexuality and Intimacy in Life-Limiting Illness
Theressa Zapach, RN, BScN
PL The Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller: Who We Are, What We Do, and How Can We Help?
David G. Hunt MD FRCP(C)
Cultural Safety through Humility – Part 1 & 2
Katie Procter, R.N., BHS
2B Healthy Aging. At Home, In Community
Kahir Lalji & Barbara McMillan
Watch Video #1
Watch Video #2
2C Donor Retention: The First Step to Building a Strong Fundraising Program On a Limited Budget – Part 1 & 2
Leigh Schumann, MBA
No presentation provided for posting.
2D Existential Suffering and Hope
Lawrence T. Cheung, MCS
3A See 2A above
3B Supporting the journey: the Douglas College End of Life Doula Program
3C See 2C above
3D Beyond Stage 3: What to Do When the Usual Analgesics Aren’t Working

Saturday, May 26, 2018

PL Update from the MOH Palliative Care Team
Alix Adams
No presentation provided for posting.
PL Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association – Work Plan 2018-2019
Margaret (Meg) Milner, BSN, RN, MA
Let’s Play the HELLO Game – Part 1 & 2
Melody Jobse
Can You Feel the Pain in My Heart Too? – Part 1 & 2
Barbara Morningstar
No presentation provided for posting.
4C Digital Engagement for Non-Profits
Alistair Henning
4D Mary Jane and a Dab More On Canvas
Dr. Amrish Joshi
5A See 4A above
5B See 4B above
5C A Compassionate Care Alliance: From Idea to Action – Part 1
A Compassionate Care Alliance: From Idea to Action – Part 2
Eman Hassan & M.Y. Lorraine Gerard
5D Palliative Sedation Therapy
Charlie Chen, MD, CCFP-PC, MEd
PL MAiD Implementation: A Complex Issue. What we know so far.
Donna Flood & M.Y. Lorraine Gerard
No presentation provided for posting.
PL WSÁNEĆ Journey Home: Improving palliative care by engaging Indigenous and Nonindigenous
care providers in reciprocal learning and relationship building.
Heather Hastings & Jon Rabanec
No presentation provided for posting.

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