BCHPCA Election 2020

During this year’s 2020 BC elections, we, the BCHPCA and our members would like to ensure that hospice/palliative care is brought to government platforms.

Below we have provided some key Messages and Social Media Information that can be used to bring awareness and educate our government officials of Hospice Palliative Care, and more importantly, what it means to over 120,000 British Columbian’s who use our services annually.

Please feel free to share this site with family, friends, health officials and government partners alike. Together we can ensure equitable access to all who need it most, when and place of their choice.

Don’t forget – Election day is Saturday, October 24th. Get out and Vote!
More information can be found here: https://elections.bc.ca/

Who are we?:

The BC Hospice Palliative Care Association is a not-for-profit, membership organization, which has been representing individuals and organizations committed to promoting and delivering hospice palliative care to British Columbians for over 34 years. Our members provide a broad range of hospice palliative care programs and services to British Columbians all across the province of BC and the Yukon who are dying, their loved ones who are grieving and caregivers. The services hospice societies deliver are accessible to all, regardless of the type of illness, age, sex, sexual orientation, race, culture and religious beliefs.  

BCHPCA respects and adheres to the Framework on Palliative Care in Canada, published by the Government of Canada, and The Way Forward Initiative of the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association (CHPCA), with respect to equitable accessibility and inclusiveness. We aim to be the collective voice of Hospice Palliative Care in BC and advocate for equitable access to Hospice & Palliative Care in BC.

BCHPCA Election Goal:

The goal of the BCHPCA 2020 Election strategy is education and engagement.

Key Messages:

  1. Quality hospice palliative care means desirable, holistic and cost-effective care as we near the end of life.
  2. Because of the ageing population, the demand for access to care will be overwhelming unless we continue to build capacity to care for people at home, in the community and, when needed, in hospital.
  3. Coordinated community end-of-life care prevents costly hospital visits and stays, and unnecessary treatments.
  4. It’s not just about the one who is dying. Families and caregivers receive needed support as well.

Check out our BCHPCA 2020 Did you know – Key Messages Document


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  • Hospice palliative care is about living well to the end of life #BCHPCA
  • Demand for hospice palliative care is increasing rapidly due to the ageing population #BCHPCA
  • Hospice palliative care provided at home or in a home-like setting in the community is desirable and cost-effective care

Find more here: Download BCHPCA 2020 Did you know – Key Messages for more information

Added Resources:

BC CARE PROVIDERS – Care to Chat Webinar

The BC Care Providers Hosted a special Care to Chat: BC Election Edition that was held virtually last Friday. During this 1 hour 15 minute program the candidates responded to questions on the areas of pandemic response, family visitation restrictions, the political concerns raised around private and non-profit care, the future of care with an ageing population, a response to Canada’s staffing shortages in the care sector, the importance of supporting ageing in place, and measures to incentivize retirement living.

In case you missed it you can find a link to the recording here: https://bccare.ca/2020/10/video-replay-care-to-chat-special-bc-election-2020-edition-on-seniors/


The Way Forward – a roadmap for an integrated palliative approach to care – can help us get there. Changes are already underway in care settings across the country. You can be part of the change. An integrated palliative approach to care focuses on meeting a person’s and family’s full range of needs – physical, psychosocial and spiritual – at all stages of frailty or chronic illness, not just at the end of life. It reinforces the person’s autonomy and right to be actively involved in his or her own care – and strives to give individuals and families a greater sense of control.

The Way Forward Initiative of the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association (CHPCA),


Over the course of the summer of 2018, officials from Health Canada heard many stories of dedication and commitment about people living with life-limiting illness, caregivers, volunteers, and health care providers. There were, however, also stories pointing to significant gaps in awareness and understanding of, and access to, palliative care across Canada.
The message from these conversations was clear: the wishes and needs of Canadians nearing the end of life must be at the centre of our approaches to care. It is critical that their cultural values and personal preferences be voiced, understood and respected when discussing care plans and treatment options. This message inspired and influenced the Framework on Palliative Care in Canada.
Framework on Palliative Care in Canada


The CHPCA is the national voice for Hospice Palliative Care in Canada. Advancing and advocating for quality end-of-life/hospice palliative care in Canada, its work includes public policy, public education and awareness. Established in 1991, its volunteer Board of Directors is composed of hospice palliative care workers and volunteers from Canadian provinces and territories as well as members-at-large.


The creation of HCABC is the result of a report entitled: Hospice Care in British Columbia: The Path Forward. Over a period of one year, health care professionals from across BC collectively prepared this first-of-its-kind report in consultation with stakeholders and hospice care experts.