Many people in Canada experience challenges in accessing palliative care when and where they need it early enough in their illness trajectory to get the support they need. These challenges have been further exacerbated by the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on policy priorities, programs and services related to hospice palliative care in Canada. As such, the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) made it a priority to understand the state of palliative care across the country including progress made, enablers, barriers and gaps in care.

To do so, CCS surveyed all provinces and territories, 4 departments of the federal government and 13 community organizations on the state of palliative care. Quebec and Manitoba are the only two provinces that did not take part in the survey. The survey aimed to provide an update on the findings published in 2017 by the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association as part of The Way Forward Initiative.

The report details the state of palliative care in each surveyed jurisdiction. The report also includes the number of hospice beds in each province and territory. Based on the findings, CCS has provided a response discussing the ways governments can address the existing gaps and barriers identified in the report.

Released By Cancer Society of Canada – October 2023

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