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We would like to congratulate the following nominees who will be acclaimed on the upcoming Annual General Meeting on October 28, 2020 from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm via ZOOM.

Regional Directors 


M. Colleen Erickson

(Proposed/First Nations Health Authority, 2-year term) – not acclaimed

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I am Marion Colleen Erickson, a Dak’elh grandmother (Ut’soo) from the Nak’azdli community and a member of the Lusilyou (Frog) Clan. As an active community member, I participate in the balhats(potlatch) system, believe that cultural identity is the foundation of health and wellness, and am committed to improving the health and wellness of First Nations.

I hold a Master’s degree in Education, with a special focus on the traditional philosophies of Carrier teachings.

Some of my experience includes being a former two-term Chief of Saik’uz First Nation, a veteran member of the RCMP and currently working as the Manager of Nak’azdli Natural Resources. My past board experience includes roles within local government, Elder’s society, as well as numerous school district appointments. Currently I serve on the FNHA Board since 2012 and as the Board Chair since 2018 as well as I sit on the Four Rivers Co-op since 2001.

I feel that with my experience and knowledge would benefit the BCHPCA by providing Indigenous perspective and understanding of cultural safety and humility.


Angel Elias

(Fraser, 2-year term)

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My name is Angel Elias and I am the current Executive Director for Mission Hospice Society and have been in my role for the past eight years. Moving the Mission Hospice Society forward in being a leader in the industry in Bereavement support and Palliative Care support as well as ensuring the MHS has the budget to fund all comforts at the Christine Morrison Hospice, our 10 bed hospice residence. Fundraising and grant writing to ensure financial sustainability for the organization is just a small part of my role.

I am a proud member of the Mission Mid Day Rotary club and have been for the past 11 years, serving as Club President in 2016 and Club Secretary from 2017 to 2019. Living by the Rotary rule “service above self”. I have been instrumental in community projects such as St. Josephs food bank. MY Youth house, Mission Park score board and Blessing in the back pack community program.

Further to this I am also the founding member of the Federation of Fraser Region Hospice Societies and I am currently working very closely with the 11 Hospice Societies in the Fraser Health region. Bringing us together for collaboration with our many programs and services.

I also sit as a Director on the Mission Chamber of Commerce and continue to give back in my community in various capacities.

I am wanting to put my name forward to join the Board of the BC Hospice Palliative association in representation of the 11 Hospice Societies and the Federation. I feel my knowledge of Hospice care and programs and support that is needed for Hospice Societies within BC will prove to be of great value to the BCHPCA.

I look forward to meeting everyone and hope you will consider having me join the Board.


Gail Porter

(Interior, 2-year term)

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I have been involved with the Greater Trail Hospice Society for the past 25 years and have held the positions of Board Member, Board Chair (3 times), Board Secretary, and temporary relief positions for the Clinical Program Coordinator (twice). I am a registered nurse (have worked mainly in community care) and an ordained pastor as well. Both of these positions have led me to be very involved with people approaching end of life, and with supporting family members through this journey. We are all going to die. It has been my goal throughout all of my careers to help people end their life with dignity, excellence in symptom control, and control over their personal choices for care. I have also been a nursing instructor for 15 years and was instrumental in expanding the palliative components of the BSCN program in our local college/university degree program.

As mentioned in the base application, I feel hospice support is generally undervalued, or is simply unknown by many people in our death-denying society. Hospice has so much to offer as a team member in palliative services, and as a unique entity that can provide navigation for people who face a life-limiting illness and their family who journey with them. I want to be a voice that reminds both the medical community and the general populace that we are here to provide emotional, spiritual, psychosocial and educational support. If we combine our voices through the BCHPCA and the HCABC we will have a louder voice and more ‘clout’ to create change that will enable all palliating and grieving people to have the individualized support they deserve.

I hope to bring the voice of rural and remote hospices ‘to the table’. Small hospices need particular support to be able to provide education and care to their communities with very minimal resources. Without palliative care teams or specialized palliative facilities small hospices often have to take on greater roles in supporting clients and families who don’t have access to designated palliative beds, symptom specialists or grief counsellors. Rural hospices have smaller ‘pools’ for fundraising, and fewer staff hours to be able to build their volunteer base. How can we, as BCHPCA, share wisdom and help small hospices not just survive, but thrive?

I also recognize there is very minimal research about hospice care, its effectiveness, and its potential. Are there ways we can partner with other researchers and organizations to build a robust collection of research studies and data that demonstrates the importance of what we do?

I understand that this position is a two-year commitment and I am willing to work with the other Board members as they do strategic planning to enhance hospice care in BC. I also commit to work with others to “collectively promote the philosophy and principles of hospice palliative care and provide leadership locally, provincially and nationally.” Not to be forgotten, support from the Board for the Executive Director is vital to keeping the office and our organization running efficiently and effectively.


Dr. David Hunt

(Provincial, 2-year term)

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Rather than speak formally, I wish to speak to you individually, directly and humbly. It has been my very great privilege to provide medical care over the past 50 years to the citizens of BC as a specialist in Emergency Medicine, Pain Specialist and the last six years as full time Consultant in Palliative Care with the North Shore Palliative Care Program including providing care in The Palliative Care Unit, chemo unit Emergency Dept and wards of Lions Gate Hospital as well as in the North Shore Hospice and Community.

Prior to embarking on Palliative Care, I took a certified Hospice Volunteer Program at St Paul’s Hospital. I’m not aware of many other health care providers who have done the same. From this perspective, I became very aware of the very significant comfort and contributions our volunteers make… in the hospital setting, in the Hospice and especially in our communities.

Your organization is vital! You are “the glue” that our system of providing quality and universal Hospice and Palliative Care throughout BC depends upon. My hope is to bring to bear my experience as a teacher of ground roots first responder (Editor and major contributor of the WCB INDUSTRIAL /OCCUPATIONAL FIRST AID MANUAL) advanced paramedic services (Initiated and directed the first ADVANCED LIFE SUPPORT PROGRAM Vancouver for BC AMBULANCE and went on to found the PARAMEDIC AIR AMBULANCE and many teaching programs for nurses and physicians.

I have continued to make these kind of advances—thinking outside the box. Through my membership in the SOSJ, I have been a staunch supporter, advocate, fundraiser for Annual Conferences and many many special grants for BCHPCA member organizations. I hope to bring my passion, commitment and experience to the role of Director of the BCHPCA… if you give me that opportunity.

Thank you on behalf of the many Canadians and British Columbians who are not fortunate to receive your care and comfort at the End-of-Life…We have much to do.



Jane Webley

(Vancouver Coastal, 2-year term)

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As a Registered Nurse with over 36 years’ experience in various fields of clinical practice, education, operations management and project management across Psalliative continuum of care, I am passionate about working with staff and patients to improve quality of care, and advance evidence into practice at the front-line for patients who are living with a life threatening illness.

I have worked in paediatric and adult palliative care, AIDS sanctuary, oncology and long term care. I am currently Managing a project to enhance access to palliative care services and resources for indigenous populations
I am a strong, participative leader with exceptional interpersonal and stakeholder engagement skills and an excellent record of program development, commissioning of new services, quality improvement, and risk management. I have consistently demonstrated a superior ability to set objectives, lead and co-ordinate multiple simultaneous strategic and operational priorities in a fast-paced, rapidly changing health care environment.
I can effectively use data, with exceptional ability to understand information quickly and accurately, with a sound appreciation of variables affecting an issue.
I have successfully led a variety of projects, producing efficient, sustainable change to meet VCH and MOH strategic priorities and received local, National and International awards. I would be honoured to bring my experiences and collaborate with other like minded professionals to drive change and promote palliative care as an essential skill and service within our province.


Jane Sterk

(Vancouver Island, 2-year term)

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My name is Jane Sterk. I was hired at the end of May 2020 as Executive Director of the Comox Valley Hospice Society. I have a Ph.D. in Counselling Psychology. I have a variety of employment experience including as: a public school teacher; a Mental Health Consultant with in public health specializing in organizational development, team building and individual and family counselling; an entrepreneur operating a retail store and an offshoot business configuring and installing networks; a psychologist in private practice; a mentor to women entrepreneurs; a university instructor in business ethics and organizational behavior; leader of the Green Party of BC; and ED for two organizations in the intimate partner, domestic and sexualized violence sector.

I have good communication skills and take a collaborative approach to problem solving and decision-making. In my roles as ED and leader of the BC Greens, I have experience working with boards and providing input in board development and improving board functioning. I have direct board experience as a member of the initial board of the Alberta Women’s Enterprise Initiative.

My primary reason for wanting to be a director is to represent the Vancouver Island Federation of Hospices (VIFoH). If selected as a regional representative to the BCHPCA board, I would liaise with, consult with and bring to the Association the perspectives of VIFoH’s members. I would keep the VIFoH members updated as to the activities and decisions of the BCHPCA.

In this time of unprecedented awareness of death, dying and bereavement due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is critically important that BCHPCA exercise its importance as an umbrella organization.

I am a hard worker. When I make a commitment, I follow-through. I am an active participant when a member of an organization. I like contribute to ensuring organizations are efficient, effective and strategic.

I am an individual member in good standing of BCHPCA. I reside in and work in the Comox Valley. I have read and support the vision, mission and strategic plan of the association. While new to the field, I have knowledge of hospice palliative care at the local, provincial and national level. I have access to and use the technology necessary to carry out regional communication. I will maintain a provincial rather than regional perspective in Board discussions and decision-making.




Donna Flood

(Director-At-Large, 2-year term)

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Donna has been a nurse for 36 years and had an opportunity to nurse in various countries around the world and Canada’s High Arctic. Her most memorable and life-changing experience was her work in Calcutta where she worked in Mother Teresa’s Hospice and instructed her nuns on nursing practice. This developed her passion for providing care in a different way. Focusing on the individual and understanding that care and compassion are key elements in supporting all people with serious illness. Donna is currently the Executive Director of the Prince George Hospice Society. She has been in that position for 5 years. Donna is the current president of the BC Hospice Palliative Care Association and is a Director on the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Board.

Kevin Harter

(Director-At-Large, 2-year term)

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I am writing to express my keen interest in the role of Secretary Treasurer on the BCHPCA Board of Directors. Since November 2018, I have been the CEO of Victoria Hospice, a Vancouver Island Region Member of the BCHPCA in good standing. I have worked hard to ensure that seniors, and those nearing the end of life, receive the best possible quality of care.

I have spent over 20 years in the healthcare Sector. Most notable during this time I was the President and CEO of York Care Centre in Fredericton, New Brunswick. York Care Centre is the largest long term care facility in New Brunswick with supporting services covering subsidized seniors living, assisted living for seniors, education and research as well as community support programs. I am passionate about continuously improving quality of life for patients and families. Over my 20 years in healthcare I have been involved in a number of innovative initiatives designed to improve the quality of life and care for those we served. In New Brunswick I helped to establish two organizations to support these goals: CIRA – The Centre for Innovation and Research in Aging and APPTA – an AGEWELL National Innovation Hub.

I have served on a number of committees for national organizations such as CIHI (Canadian Institute for Healthcare Information), CFHI (Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement), and SQLI (Senior Quality Leap Initiative). This service has given me valuable insight into collaboration within the healthcare sector and working with governments, both federal and provincial, to support it.

Victoria Hospice is an organization that shares my commitment to advancing care, and improving quality of life for patients and families. Its long history of advocacy, education, and research remain as relevant today as ever. They are some of the key goals in our current five-year Strategic Framework, much like BCHPCA’s Strategic Plan.

It is critical that palliative and end-of-life care is seen as a health system priority, particularly at this period of rapidly aging and growing populations in our region. If invited to join the BCHPCA Board, I would advocate for and broaden awareness of quality palliative and end-of-life care on a regional and provincial level. I look forward to working together, ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients and families in BC.

Thank you for your consideration.


Natasha Girard

(Director-At-Large, 2-year term)

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Natasha Girard has been working in hospice palliative care in the not-for-profit sector for over 15 years and is very passionate about transforming experiences for individuals and families during life’s most vulnerable moments. I have been able to build my knowledge and strategic experiences in being the Hospice representative on the Southeastern Ontario Regional EOL and Palliative Care Network, advocated provincially and regionally for a 10 bed residential hospice and launched a multi-million dollar capital campaign; volunteered on the Patient and Family Advisory Council for the Southeastern Ontario Cancer Centre, and volunteered on the working committee to bring the vision of Gilda Radner and Gilda’s House to Ontario before relocating to Kelowna in 2016.

Prior to my work in hospice palliative care, I completed a Paralegal Diploma in Alberta and worked for seven years in Estate Planning and Administration, Oil and Gas Trusts, Litigation and Criminal Law.

Since joining COHA in 2016, I have been focused on strengthening and preserving an organization through some challenging times, with a focus on strengthening and building relationships with partners in care, built a new COHA Centre for program delivery and administrative offices, and reached a revenue milestone for the COHA Foundation since it’s inception 10 years ago.

I feel now is the right time share my experiences and skills to work alongside the Board of Directors of BCHPCA to support the strategic direction and participate in advancing BCHPCA movement provincially. I am a strategic thinker, strong collaborator with a strong listening ear, and someone who recognizes the successes and challenges community hospice’s face in urban and rural areas. My leadership on many levels and resilience has provided great outcomes and learnings for future initiatives. The extensive experience in healthcare both professionally and personally provides a wide lens that is advantageous to the development of quality care and support individuals and families deserve in British Columbia.

My eagerness to advocate for greater outcomes, equality and recognition in optimal quality hospice palliative care is a driver for me in wanting to join the BCHPCA Board of Directors and lead BCHPCA to the next chapter in growth. Community hospices are a part of the continuum and deserve greater recognition, and I want to join the Board of Director’s in leading greater distinction for community hospices and for British Columbians.


Shannon Freeman

(Director-At-Large, 2-year term)

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I am keen to continue my position on the BCHPCA board and promote the importance of enhanced and sustained access to palliative hospice care in BC and beyond. In my early days as an undergraduate student over twenty years ago, I worked as a part-time care aide on a palliative homecare team. I developed a passion for advocating for the needs of vulnerable populations who can be overlooked by the health system and policymakers in their greatest time of need. Although we have made great strides in Canada since then, much remains to be done. Now, as an Associate Professor in the School of Nursing at the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC), I continue that role to advocate for better support for those nearing end-of-life. I take an evidence-based approach to look at the world around me, which drives my passion for sparking change and improving access to high-quality end-of-life care from an analytic research-informed perspective. I value my connections and duty to my community and commitment to volunteerism, having recently begun my sixth year as a Director of the Prince George Hospice Society. 

As a social gerontologist, I have been actively involved in research focused on end of life and, most recently, have undertaken work to explore the effects of the implementation of medical assistance in dying in hospices in BC.

To the BCHPCA board; I will continue to bring a collaborative approach to engage in a broad range of areas, including a focus on promoting the health and well-being of those nearing end of life, including the members of their circle of care, that being formal or informal care providers. I will continue to aim to create knowledge useful to our hospice palliative care community across BC. Furthermore, as a board director of BCHPCA, I will continue to bring the latest in research evidence to the table and help engage in evidence-informed decision-making on behalf of our hospice membership across BC.