A Life Well Lived is a Life Well Planned

Advance Care Planning is a process of reflection and communication. It is a time for you to reflect on your values and wishes, and to let your substitute decision maker know what kind of health and personal care you would want in the future if you were unable to speak for yourself. It is applicable to everyone, not just those who are sick and/or elderly.

Since 2012, April 16th has marked the day for National Advance Care Planning in Canada, serving as a reminder not only to start these important conversations with your substitute decision maker(s), but to review your wishes, if applicable. Each year, as part of Advance Care Planning (ACP) day, we choose unique campaign themes which guide the development of materials and resources for the ACP day toolkit.

Visit the ACP Day 2020 Campaign Website for additional information and resources.

Overview of the campaign

A. Campaign Theme

The theme for this year’s campaign is A Life Well Lived is a Life Well Planned.

B. Campaign Highlights

    • Fireside Chat with Yvonne Heath and Laurel Gillespie
    • Behind The Scenes documentary – delayed due Covid-19 in the U.S.A.
    • 6-8pm family conversations
    • “Say” – A song written and performed by award winning Canadian Artist, Tara Shannon
    • SM Hashtag #YourCareYourWishes

C. Campaign Goals

Qualitative goals

i. Raise awareness of ACP on a national level
ii. Increase visibility and outreach of ACP on a national level
iii. Serve as a reminder for the public to start important conversations with substitute decision maker(s) and to review their wishes.
iv. Engage partner organizations and ACP champions
v. Public engagement

Quantitative goals

vi. Achieve a 10% increase on website traffic and social media engagement from last year’s campaign outreach numbers (see 2019 report) 

D. Campaign key players

Sponsors: Health Canada, GSK
Leading entities: CHPCA – Speak up Canada

Outreach Channels/Contacts

a. Partner organizations

i. Includes QELCCC, Community of Practice, National Task Group, Health Canada initiative partners, Champions
ii. Invite these partners to participate in ACP 2020 and engage with this year’s campaign
iii. Promote Toolkit
iv. Ask for feedback and report back
v. Offer support and help (SM/outreach/professionals/contacts)

b. ACP champions

Develop ACP Champions terms of reference document
Engage current ACP champions

– Suggestions on things we can provide
– Refer other champions for recruitment
– Spokesperson to Media
– Tag them on ACP Social media posts
– Have them post about ACP day on their SM

Recruit new ACP champions

c. Social Media

Campaign channels:
Facebook – Twitter – Instagram

– Fireside Chat broadcasted to social media channels with interaction from public. Tara Shannon will be premiering a pre-recorded performance on the 16th and a recording of the song will be available before the 16th for use and distribution. The live performance will be on the Nova Scotia Kitchen Party group on Facebook.  There are over 235,000 members so it is a large audience.

– Paid campaign: targeted paid social media campaign on twitter and Facebook and Instagram. (Boosting posts+ posts promotion Ad.)

– Promote Behind The Scenes documentary.

– Cooperative SM sharing approach between ACP Canada and ACP contacts/champions (previously determined) on ACP SM accounts and ACP contacts SM accounts.

Sample Tweets

– This year’s National Advance Care Planning Day theme is A Life Well Lived Is A Life Well Planned. Who will support and care for you if you are ill? Plan ahead, talk and document your wishes for future health care. #YourCareYourWishes #ACPDay2020

– Do your family, friends and loved ones know your wishes for your future care? A life well lived is a life well planned. Start the conversation today! #YourCareYourWishes #ACPDay2020​

– If you fall ill or become sick and can’t speak for yourself, who would know your wishes? Plan ahead. A life well lived is a life well planned. #YourCareYourWishes #ACPDay2020

d. Toolkit and Marketplace

The toolkit includes a brochure, poster, bookmark, survey, and a game to see how well friends and family know each other.