Organizational Membership Form

BCHPCA Organizational Membership Form
  • Designated Representative

    Before identifying the Organization’s Designated Representative, please read the following…

    BCHPCA’s bylaws define an Organization’s Designated Representative as:
    A Person appointed in writing by an Organization that is a Member [of BCHPCA] to be the primary contact between the Society [BCHPCA] and the Organization and to exercise the rights and responsibilities of membership on behalf of the Organization.

    Bylaw 2.5 Application for Membership
    (b) (iii)  in the case of an Organization, include the name, address and contact information for a Person or position within the Organization, which Person or position will be the Designated Representative of the Organization.

    Please ensure that you choose an individual (usually a Board Member or Senior Staff) who has the ability to receive and circulate BCHPCA information, and who would be the Organization’s default voting member at the Annual General Meeting, unless s/he identifies a proxy.

    In the event that a Designated Representative leaves the Organization – please ensure that you update the Organization’s BCHPCA Membership information by identifying their replacement,

  • Executive Director

    (If not Designated Representative)
  • Board Chair/President

  • 2019 Membership Fees

    Under an agreement between all provincial associations and the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association, provincial association membership includes affiliate membership in CHPCA. CHPCA membership gives you the national perspective and access to a wide range of information and resources.

    Membership fee based on budget.
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